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Top of the World Adventures

Setting out searching for answers on making big changes during rocky uncertain times. This weekend we drove to what felt like the top of the world for a turkey and was the much needed time to think about change that needs to happen in my life. Looking at the mountains reminded how many opportunities are out there. Sometimes you need to leave your comfy, cozy circle that makes you content and stale.

We took a hike in the snow on the mountain just trying to clear all the horseshit from my mind. It was beautiful, fresh and freeing for everyone especially the German Short haired Pointer. We got to the end of the trail which opened up into a large beautiful lake.

Took a few yoga pictures because you know us yogis are all over warrior three on a water setting . Then my four year old followed the dog into the water ,I'm talking head deep, literally unreal but it is what it is. A long walk back to the truck with the soaking wet toddler insisting she's fine because she is a stubborn mule that won't admit she was wrong. I have no idea who she takes after hmmm.

So now driving home with the naked toddler wrapped in blankets ,turkey toting along down the mountain. I have realized some things one always pack extra clothes you never know when your child will decide to swim in the freezing cold lake, two I have come to the point of my life to make big changes and three STOP overthinking shit .

So as I came home, I wrote my resignation letter and gave up my management position at my job. Monday morning I taught the most relaxing yoga class of my life and felt at peace. Now I can focus on my business completely. Is it scary HELL yes, will things fail HELL yes,will things be successful HELL yes. So lets saddle up and enjoy the ride. FYI toddler is fine and the turkey is missing. He had sex with the hens and took off . Mother Trucker.

Suddenly you just know it's time to start something NEW and TRUST the magic of new beginnings.

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