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Reevaluate *Recharge *Reconnect Quarantine 2020

Updated: Apr 20, 2020


Quarantine has brought many trials, heartache and devastation to my life. We are at Day I have no idea anymore of the lock down and my business is at a screeching halt .

The events and bookings I have worked so hard for have been swept away as quickly as your sand shovel left too close to shore. Being on the go all of the time to five humans on house arrest *whew* rough adjustment. The uncertainty is scary as hell and just wanting to freaking hug and dance with my girlfriends again is real. There's truly not enough vineyards to supply my need for wine lately.

I've been going through the roller coaster of emotions this quarantine has brought into my life and I have chosen to do things out of my comfort zone, reevaluate my life ,get funky, fall in love with things I don't really care for like writing lol. I want to share my life's journey's with everyone. It's not a secret my life is anything but boring. If it can make someone laugh or feel like they are not alone. I would call it a success.

I will share my adventures on the farm, new chapters, marriage ,raising my feral children, fitness, quarantine humor and my adventures with my Mennonite friends. Saddle up and let the shit show begin!

Naaaaaamste Six Feet Away


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