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About Us


Whatever you think goat yoga is, expect to be blown away by the Buttinhead Farms experience.


My name is Ashley Raspen: Wife, mom of 3, fitness professional, and just so happen to be a goat farmer. So this is where the beginning of my journey started. Juggling fitness and farming they were a match made in heaven. Members at the gym became fascinated with the goats lives on the farm. I decided to hold goat yoga sessions at the farm occasionally during the summer.

Whoa! I was not planning on where we would end up in the first year of our business. The response was more amazing than I could have ever imagined. 

Buttinhead Farms Goat Yoga is like no other out there. When you attend one of our sessions there are no expectations.

The only expectation is that you leave happier than you came and we take you away from every day stresses in your life during the time you're with us.

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